Mindspun makes it easy for you to share your content with the world. We have created a simple, fast, and safe platform so that you can create your digital headquarters. You can build a full website without having to do any coding and without having to rely on risky third-party software and plugins.

Our mission is to make it easy for businesses and creators to build beautiful, fast-loading, and secure websites that reach people.

Mindspun Takes Ghost Beyond the Blog.

We are committed to making your website successful. When you build your site on Mindspun, we take care of your hosting and provide a secure backend. We have built the platform for speed and to help give your site an SEO boost.

You always retain ownership and control of your content. You never have to get anyone’s permission to make changes to your site. Mindspun provides you with the software and the hosting—you choose how to best build your business.

What Can You Build on Mindspun?

The short answer is you can build whatever you want. You can create an E-commerce site, a membership site, or anything else you can imagine. Our simple interface and minimal design mean that your website will look incredible and run smoothly no matter what you create.

Why Use Mindspun?

We know how hard it is to build something from scratch on the web. Mindspun is for people and businesses who want a clean website designed for the future of the internet. Because we are not a legacy content management system, our code is lean.

That means your site will load faster and that you can do everything you need with our software. You don’t need third-party plugins that can introduce new backdoors to your website.

The best reason to use Mindspun is we make building a website fun, while giving you full control over how your site looks. You can choose between using our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor or the advanced markdown option.

You Don’t Need Another Item on Your To-Do List

You’re busy. The last thing you need is to have one more item on your to-do list. Using Mindspun allows you to move creating a website from your to-do list to your done list in just a few minutes.

Get Started for Free

It doesn’t cost you anything to get started with Mindspun. If you don’t need a lot of traffic, you can keep your free plan. If you are ready to scale your business, you only pay a small monthly fee based on your web traffic.

What’s stopping you from making your idea a reality?

Get started with Mindspun right now!