Mindspun vs Duda

Mindspun vs Duda

Should you use Mindspun or Duda? If you’re deciding between building a website with Mindspun or Duda, this page provides a comparison between the two website platforms.

Why Mindspun

If you're looking to increase website traffic and quality, chances are that search engine optimization (SEO) is your top priority.  In addition to contributing to higher rankings in search engines, SEO also has to do with the user experience of a website. This is where Mindspun excels. Backed by the Ghost software, Mindspun is modern, fast and secure. HTTPS is automatically enabled by the platform so that you don't have to worry about security. The platform was designed from the ground up for SEO, making this an excellent choice for website builders looking to prioritize SEO. Mindspun was built with these top three priorities in mind:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mindspun vs Duda

Who is it for:

Duda markets itself as a website builder platform primarily for digital marketing agencies and as such, prioritizes platform flexibility and features to meet the needs of their clients. However, some of the features that come with the costlier plan simply may not be necessary for individuals looking to build a website for their small business or host their professional content. For those that prioritize a modern publishing platform with code-free editing and value SEO, security, and performance, a platform like Mindspun would be in better alignment with their website goals and platform needs.


Mindspun Duda
Pricing Free to start, then $29/month Prices start at $14/mo with email support, but access to more features and priority support Agency plan cost upwards of $74/mo
SEO Yes (native to the editor) Users can affect SEO through page titles and meta tags
Templates Yes Yes
AMP Pages Automatic No


Many website platforms claim to value performance, and page speed is a known ranking factor for search engines, particularly on mobile. The good news is that performance can be easily tested: take any site and submit the URL to Google Page Speed, then compare the results against any Ghost site (such as this one).

For many Duda users that have made HTML and JavaScript customizations to their site, users might have to make additional steps to increase performance and optimization. Mindspun’s code-free platform is easy to use, and the Ghost software makes websites fast and secure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Ghost editor helps the user write optimized content natively. As an SEO-first publishing platform, users are able to build their website hand-in-hand with this in mind.

According to Duda’s SEO page, their stance on SEO is that  “the platform does not matter as much for SEO as does the content. As long as you have access to the site header to insert any special SEO tags and easy access to the other SEO settings (such as the site title and keyword information), then any site you build regardless of if it is on the Duda platform or not has the potential to rank high in SEO.”

If you’re looking to build a website and SEO is one of your top concerns,  is the only SEO-first publishing platform available.