Why Developers Use Mindspun

Why Developers Use Mindspun

Mindspun Puts You in Control

As a developer, you need the freedom to build a platform-specific to you. As the world’s most powerful open-source headless Node.js CMS, Mindspun makes this as easy, or as hard, as you want it to be. You choose what you do, and how you do it.

Intuitive, Elegant and Unlimited Development Tools

Web development is about potential, and at Mindspun, we give you the tools to fulfil yours. With our ever-growing JavaScript SDK, sleek migration and customer storage adaptors, there's no limit to what you can do.

Mindspun knows what matters to developers - security, speed and flexibility. You don’t have to complicate your code with plugins, or sacrifice performance for design. We don’t believe in compromises, so at Mindspun, you can have it all.

With easy integrations, mandatory SSL and a modern design built using Node.js, we've tried to think of everything. But if you can do better, we won’t stop you. We’re completely open-source, so you’re always in control. That’s the beauty of Mindspun - there’s nothing you can’t do.

Our default admin client and front-end are simple and elegant, so you can choose how complicated you want things to be. Our job is to make things easy - which is why we give developers a detailed collection of tutorials, guides and API references.

We're committed to making every aspect of the process smooth and convenient, which is why Mindspun has native SEO and configurable routing. If you want to add a build step to change your site's terms and conditions, you can.  At Ghostead, what you want, you get.

Our built-in optimizations and PaaS mean you’re free to focus on the ideas that matter. Mindspun handles the details for you - from meta tags and admin API to schema.org data and theme compatibility scans. We’ve taken care of the little things so you can make something bigger.

At Mindspun, you have complete control over your development. Building a theme with us is just like using a static site generator; you only work with the tools you like. There’s no PHP, so you can modify core behavior, and Mindspun adds an easy admin interface for when the details change . Whether you’re looking for a blank canvas or a carefully crafted template, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive theme marketplace.

Our themes use HTML, CSS and JS just like other sites, so you can use any JAMstack front-end, like:

We’ve designed Mindspun with developers in mind, which is why it’s a self-consuming, RESTful JSON API with a flexible architecture at its core. Everything is designed to make your life easier and to give you complete control, and ownership, of your website.

Why Choose Mindspun?

  • Headless CMS with Node.js REST APIs
  • Over 19x Faster Than WordPress
  • Secure & Independently Audited
  • The #1 CMS on Github
  • Custom Themes or Any JAMstack Front-End

Open Source Software Only Limited by Your Imagination

Mindspun is built on a foundation of open-source software. Why does that matter to you? It means that you are free to create anything you can imagine. You don’t have to pay a licensing fee to create your own publication, and every customization you make is 100% owned and controlled by you.

When you create something on Mindspun, you are investing in your future growth and success. Instead of building on rented land, you are creating something nobody can take away.

Mindspun provides developers with an unlimited number of ways to customize, improve, and grow with their sites. Whether you’re looking at building from the ground up, or just adjusting our default themes, Mindspun lets you do it exactly how you want.

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